About Our Company


In 2009 all shares of Unisys Thailand Limited, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation…an American multinational information technology (IT) services and consulting company…were acquired to form a Thai Private Limited Company, changing the name to ISS Resolution Ltd.

Since then, ISS Resolution has provided IT products, solutions, and services to all industries in Thailand, and is an authorized service provider, authorized reseller, and authorized distributor for global IT companies with a presence in Thailand, providing services nationwide to global companies such as Unisys Corporation, Dell Technologies, British Telecom, American Express, Fortinet, Flowserve etc.

In December 2022, Segue Group, a leading publicly listed IT company in Japan, acquired all shares of ISS Resolution Limited to form a new Thai subsidiary.

Through this acquisition, Segue Group took the first step toward overseas expansion, seeking to create business synergies to leverage the strengths of both companies, and thereby develop business in the ASEAN market.


ISS Resolution has the ambition and the capability to expand rapidly; to introduce new ideas, new maintenance and support services, new products, new solutions and new consulting services to our existing business, such as VAR, VAD, Warehouse and Verification Facilities, Security Training, Security business alliances, mobile, cloud, big data, and SNS; AI technology; new business models driven by advanced IT usages and the spreading of IoT applications. etc.

We utilise information technology to create value, continue to grow together with our customers and contribute to the realisation of a prosperous society.

– ISS Resolution Ltd. –